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How to start selling with Mamish?

Mamish Fees

We use a very simple fee structure, no catch!

Mamish - 10% fee

PayPal - ±5% fee

You will make ±85% of the sale price

You will need to pay the fee only when a purchase is made

See the full fee breakdown

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Become a Seller in A few minutes!

How to get started?

Open your closet. 

Upload your first item by clicking the red plus button on the main screen and follow the process. Make sure to include all the required item info: Title, brand, shipping options, color, and more. At the end of the process, you will be required to connect your PayPal account where we will wire the payments for your sold items. 

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Each seller is responsible for their store deliveries.  When adding a new item, you will be requested to choose the shipping method you support:

Domestic shipping

Worldwide Shipping

and the shipping price for each option. 

Once a purchase was made, you will receive all the necessary information to complete the delivery.

US Seller? We will soon be able to support advanced shipping options in the USA!

Become a Top Seller 

Mamish Top Sellers get higher exposure and sell more! Make sure to sell only through the BUY button in the app, give excellent service to your customers, and improve your seller reviews and ranking. 


Good Luck! 

Team Mamish

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