Shooting Tips

Getting Started

Your Item's picture is the most important tool in the selling process. High-quality and stylish pictures will increase the item's exposure and the number of followers of your closet! 

We've collected a few tips on how to shoot the perfect picture for your item.

Shooting Preperations

Arrange your item so it will look at its best. Ironed and tied!
Clean your camera lens and put the item at the center of the frame. 

Perfect Lightning

Shoot in daylight ☀ or use a bright light, this will bring out the true colors of your items.

Clean your camera lens before every shoot to get the ideal picture. Note that a good picture is one that shows the real condition of your item.


Refer to the type of item you are shooting, it's shape and colors and pick the right background to match it with.
Be creative, use an attractive background indoors or outside. Avoid shooting with your room's background, especially when it's not tied.. this might reduce the value of your item and your chance of selling it.

Wear You Item

Shoot the item while wearing it or let a friend model for you. 

This will make it easier for your buyers to understand the item's  proportions and fit


Zoom IN

Zoom in your items to enhance textures and elements in your item

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